John Szafraniec

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

About Me

For as long as I can remember, I've loved electronics and computers. My mom and sisters love to tell stories of how I would take apart electronics - and put them back together correctly - when I was just 4 or 5. I could fix almost anything.

My Past

I've been fascinated by computers and electronics since I was 5 years old, when I would take apart remotes, VCRs and other electronics to the horror of my mom—only to put them back together flawlessly.

I created my first batch (.bat) file in my teens and wrote a small, efficient script to move files around. That moment, I truly knew my life’s purpose. I started buying C++ books and writing small programs to do random things. After four years, I leveled up to web development, realizing that I truly enjoyed the presentational aspect of computing.

My Skill Set

On the frontend, I love identifying and solving problems for people. I love that I am responsible for how a user engages my work. I am energized from the expressive freedom and building with performance and responsiveness in mind, highly obsessed page load time and progressive enhancement as browsers become more feature-capable.

On the backend, I love the structure and perfection of backend development. I love creating something that is performant, available and scalable. I love having control of the data I pull from the databases and the manipulation I do on the service level.

I've honed my skill set for nearly 10 years in corporate, startup and freelance environments, focusing on customer experience, speed and performance. Though I'm comfortable and willing to engage with many tech stacks, my ideal tech stack is MySQL, Java, Maven, Spring, Thymeleaf, SASS and Foundation.